Top 4 Reasons For Having Concrete Sealers Done On Your Driveways

4 May 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your concrete driveway experiences daily traffic anytime you or a visitor drives in and out. While the concrete itself can withstand this pressure, having it sealed makes the situation even better. Besides adding beauty and ambience to your outdoor space, concrete sealers prolong the lifespan of your driveway.

Whether you are considering a professional or a DIY project, ensure it is applied properly. Below are some benefits you can with concrete sealers on driveways.

Prevents Moisture Seepage

With heavy rains or strong humid conditions, your concrete driveway begins to seep in as much moisture as possible. Moisture is a destructive component that begins to work on the inner parts of the driveway reducing its ability to withstand daily traffic and movement. In addition, it promotes the growth of moss and mould, which not only weaken your driveway but also destroys its appearance.

Concrete sealers have been designed with a coating material that does not permeate water and moisture. Hence, always consider the best option applied from time to time to keep safe from moisture.

Prevents Exposure To Chemicals

Certain chemicals have a way of ruining the cohesion of your concrete driveway if not properly sealed. For instance, human-driven activities contribute to the high accumulation of carbon gas into the atmosphere. In the event of fall, rainwater combines with the carbon to form weak carbonic acid. The surface runoff that flows over your driveway exposes them to the acid which in turn corrodes the steel used to reinforce concrete. Therefore, considering concrete sealers is the way to go to ensure that durability has been enhanced.

Controls Fading

One of the best things you can do for your home is to maintain a shiny concrete driveway. However, due to exposure to harsh weather conditions like heavy rains and sunshine, its original colour can easily fade away. Going for concrete sealing offers the best solution to solve this nightmare once and for good.

It's difficult to prevent stains on your concrete driveways. If you are working with grease or any other stain products on a normal weekend at home, they can easily drop on the driveway. With concrete sealers, you can do away with the stains by simply wiping them off. 

Prevents Cracking

Frost heaves and cracks will not only affect the appearance of your driveway but also compromises its quality of performance. Basically, when applied, the seal enters any small gaps and reinforces them to prevent cracks from enlarging.