When You Need a Land Surveyor for Property Developments

9 November 2023
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Property development is an exciting venture, whether it's for a residential or commercial project. It can be a profitable investment, but it's not without its challenges. One of the most critical aspects of any property development is land surveying. Land surveying is the process of measuring and mapping a property's boundaries and characteristics using advanced technologies. This process is essential to every property development project if you want to ensure your plans comply with local regulations and avoid legal disputes with neighbouring property owners.

When purchasing a property

The first situation where you would need a land surveyor is when you're buying a new property. Even if the seller or agent claims to have a site plan or surveying documents, it's always best to verify the property's boundaries and characteristics with a licensed surveyor. They can provide you with an accurate measurement of the property's area, boundaries, and any possible encumbrances or limitations that might affect your plans. This can help ensure that you're buying the property you believe you are and it will also help avoid any future legal problems with neighboring property owners.

Before the beginning of development

Once you've acquired the property, it's crucial to hire a land surveyor before beginning any substantial work. This step will help make sure that property lines are established, and construction can proceed without any legal disputes. The surveyor will be able to identify all property lines and ensure that the plans adhere to all of the relevant zoning and building regulations.

Are you planning to add a fence, patio, or other outdoor modification? If your plans require construction near the property line, you should always contact a surveyor. The land surveyor will ensure the work doesn't encroach onto your neighbour's property, as this could lead to disputes with them. Additionally, it ensures that property boundaries are clearly defined when you're making outdoor changes.

After natural disasters 

It's crucial to enlist a land surveyor after natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. This is because such disasters can shift property lines and otherwise cause issues that local zoning laws permit. And when all of this happens, re-surveying and remapping the property can help local authorities make more informed decisions about building and renovations in the future.

For subdivision plans

For developers who plan on subdividing a property, they must enlist the services of a land surveyor. This situation is crucial because it's necessary to have precise measurements for the sections being created. The surveyor will need to use tools like topographical surveys and demarcation services.

A land surveyor is essential to almost every property development project. In addition to ensuring that your project conforms to zoning and building regulations, they can also help you avoid legal disputes over property boundary disputes or encroachments. Be sure to enlist their services before beginning any real estate project to avoid potential headaches in the future.

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