Why Tiles Are Still The King Of Bathroom Flooring

28 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When it comes to flooring material across homes and businesses, none quite has a stranglehold on a room the way tiles have on bathrooms. If you have been looking at renovating your bathroom and are thinking of switching it up, there are a few clear factors that really make sticking with bathroom tiles the obvious choice. While that might sound like a safe way to go, there are good reasons behind this, and it doesn't have to be as boring as you might think. Here are a few of those reasons why you should stick to bathroom tiles for all your flooring needs.

No Material Is As Water Resistant, Easy To Clean Or Hygienic

Those three quick-fire facts make it clear for the majority of people why bathroom tiles remain the clear frontrunner for all things bathroom-related. Being water-resistant is a must, and tiles can last for literally centuries with very little wear and tear from water (as many ancient Roman baths still exist, and they were almost exclusively tiled). Tiles are also very simple to clean, so mould, grease and soap scum will struggle to stick around if you maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. However, these are obvious, and there are more reasons than just the clear functional advantages that tiles offer.

Range Of Different Patterns And Textures

Bathroom tiles might be thought of as simple, white, uniformed tiles that look very plain, but that is only one variant on the market. While it is no doubt the most popular variant, you can find all sorts of different bathroom tiles if you look close enough. From tiny little tiles that can create beautiful mosaics to tiles that mimic wood, there are so many options to choose from once you start looking that it can be hard to settle on one. So while you shouldn't stray from bathroom tiles as your flooring option, that doesn't mean you have to feel constrained.

Cheap And Easy To Replace

Tiles are also one of the cheapest options available, especially when it comes to ongoing maintenance for broken tiles. Instead of having to replace a large section of flooring, if you ever do have a tile problem and one cracks or shifts out of position, you only have to replace the affected tiles. That is very different to other flooring materials where you might have to replace the bulk of the bathroom if you get so much as a minor crack or some separation in the material.