How To Tell Where The Problem With Your Waterproofing Is Coming From

2 March 2021
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Waterproofing is extremely critical in any modern building, as without it you would never be able to shower, cook, clean your clothes or use the bathroom safely. However, waterproofing can sometimes fail. There can be many reasons for this. From very old material to faulty pipes and so on, the main problem you have is finding the leak and fixing it as soon as possible. Here are a few things you can look for to help diagnose the problem with your waterproofing and immediately point it out to your plumber the next time they come around.

Peeling Paint High On The Walls

If you notice any sort of issue with water above waist height (which is where most waterproofing cuts off in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries) then there is a very good chance it is coming from the floor above you, not actually on your level. The issue could either be with a crack in the waterproofing on a higher floor or a pipe itself leaking. Either way, it needs to be investigated by someone who can actually do something about the problem. As such, you should call a construction contractor who can install waterproofing or a plumber right away.

Follow Your Nose

When waterproofing breaks it allows the excess water (which is often thick with bacteria) to get into more vulnerable materials, primarily wood. Wood is used in almost every house or building across the world, and it does not do well with greywater seeping into it. This will cause mould and possibly other fungi to grow, which will be easy to smell. If you notice a strange smell in a room that has waterproofing and is otherwise clean, try to pinpoint where the smell is the strongest and get a waterproofing contractor in to take a good look underneath. 

Look Where The Water Goes

Most bathrooms and other wetrooms are specifically designed for water to end up in one particular spot where it can drain. These are often open grates and quite easy to see. In addition to that, the floor will often slant towards them very slightly so that water will always roll that way. If you notice water pooling away from the spots with grates and drainage options, then it indicates there is another way out: through some cracked waterproofing. Don't let this problem get any worse, as it could seriously affect the internal structure of your home if left for long enough.

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