3 Reasons to Consider Directional Drilling for Your Construction Project

15 January 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Underground plumbing problems are among the most complex issues to manage. Previously, the only way to resolve an underground issue would be to open up the paving material and access the suspected source of the problem. However, recent technology like camera sewer inspection and hydro-jetting improved the process and results.

Directional drilling is part of the trenchless technology they use to repair problems with the plumbing. The process involves three stages. First, the professionals drill a pilot hole where they will install the line. The first step is then followed by enlarging the home, and finally, the actual installation. Here are three reasons why you should consider directional drilling for your construction projects.

Plumbing Infrastructure Will Be Installed Faster

Speed is of the essence in construction projects. Digging trenches is a long and tedious process that takes a lot of time. It makes more sense to invest in directional drilling technology because you just need to pinpoint the part of the ground where the pipe is needed, and the drilling will be focused there. 

Also, directional drilling does not create unnecessary damage to the environment, nor will it damage the surrounding environment either. This means that your team will not have to spend time putting everything back together after the initial installation.

The Process Will Cost You Less Money

The biggest worry that you will have when venturing into construction or a home improvement project is how much it will cost. Trench digging is an expensive affair because you might have to hire earth movers for the process. It takes more time to pull the ground apart and bring it back together after the project, and you will get billed for the extra days of work.

On the other hand, when you choose directional drilling, you reduce the number of days that the construction workers will be working on the same project. Less machinery can translate to lesser construction costs.

The Process is Less Disruptive

Many homeowners dread home improvement projects because of the way they disturb the environment. Directional drilling does not cause any unnecessary damage to your lawn and any other part of your landscape. It is also easier to carry out your regular activities with the project going on.

The benefits of directional drilling are countless. The crucial thing to remember is to hire professionals who are trained and experienced in the construction process for the best outcome. Contact a directional drilling service for more information.