Tractor Sheds: Built Or Bought?

15 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Rural areas are synonymous with large-scale agriculture thanks to the relative availability and affordability of larger tracts of arable land.

Large-scale agriculture creates the need to use heavy duty equipment such as tractors and combined harvesters. This equipment needs protection against harsh weather elements and possible theft. Agricultural sheds are perhaps the best storage option for heavy farm equipment. The question is whether to buy a pre-manufactured shed or whether you should have one assembled on-site from scratch. Here are three things to remember before you conclude that the end justifies the means.

Site-Specific Challenges

Farm layout plays an important role in determining the best type of shed for storing agricultural equipment. Pre-manufactured sheds are designed with a 'one-size fits all' mentality. It would be safe to state that they're designed with a pre-meditated layout in mind. Pre-manufactured sheds are often a good fit for farms that have a straight-forward layout.

For farms whose layout is more complex, a site-built shed would be a better alternative. This is because the shed will be built in accordance with the complex layout. For example, a pre-manufactured shed might not fit into an awkward-fitting corner of your farm. If an alternative area of installation is unavailable, a pre-manufactured shed won't make the cut.

Climatic Challenges

Building an agricultural shed from scratch is beneficial in the sense that it allows for the selection of building materials that are better suited for your local climate. In many cases, the fabrication of pre-manufactured sheds is done in factories located in areas with significantly different climatic conditions.

For example, a shed made of 304 stainless steel would suffice for rural areas that have low salinity. The same shed would have a difficult time standing up to the highly corrosive nature of a saline environment. Because it's more resistant to corrosion, 316 stainless steel would be the ideal shed material for coastal areas. 

Time-Related Constraints

Pre-manufactured agricultural sheds have one significant advantage. You won't have to wait for as long before the shed becomes a prominent feature of your farm. You could order for a shed today and have it delivered and installed tomorrow.

This is a significant advantage if you need an immediate storage solution for your farm equipment. If you've yet to purchase the equipment, you could choose to wait until the site-built shed has been erected before the tractors/harvester is delivered to your rural doorstep.