Want to Replace the Electric Panel in Your Business? Have These Things in Mind

5 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Most business owners rely on electricity to undertake daily operations and run equipment and appliances at the workplace. For this reason, having the right electrical equipment is essential for the smooth running of the enterprise. One of the most critical pieces of electrical equipment is the electrical panel, also known as the breaker panel. It is a box that houses multiple circuit breakers which are wired to the circuits that distribute power in your business. Upgrading your electric panel can enhance power distribution in the enterprise, reduce electrical hazards and promote energy efficiency.

Here are the things that you should have in mind as you consider changing the electric panel in your business.

Choose the right panel size

When selecting an electrical panel, size is one of the important factors that you should have in mind. In this case, size implies the amount of electrical load that the equipment can handle. If you have had issues of circuit breakers tripping often and fuses blowing, you may be drawing more power than what your panel is set to accommodate. Constant tripping and blowing of fuses can not only cause inconvenience in the business, but it can also create electrical hazards and damage your appliances. To avoid such, you need an appropriately sized electrical panel.

To determine the right size, you need to make a comprehensive list of all the appliances that are routinely used in the business. After identifying them, calculate the amount of electricity that they draw so that you can determine the suitable capacity of your electrical panel. Consider using the services of an electrician so that you can get accurate information on the amount of electricity that is used in your business so that you can size your new panel correctly.

Go for the latest models

The essence of replacing the electrical panel in your business is to upgrade it to the latest technology models that are more efficient with updated features. Remember, when replacing the panel, you need to update the circuit breakers and other components therein as well. It is worth researching the market for the latest models so that you can benefit from features that improve the electrical safety in the home and protect your investment.

For instance, go for quality circuit breakers that offer nuisance-free tripping and resistance to failure due to corrosion, vibration, or shock. Not only will you be safeguarding your business, but you will also avoid replacing the panel very often due to faults and failures.

Get professional insight

Finally, it is wise to get professional advice when upgrading or handling electricity in your business. Before changing the panels, consult a qualified and certified electrician. They will recommend the best commercial electrical panels in the market and install the equipment for you as well.