How Pump Station Contractors Ensure Station Safety

2 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Some people who would like to venture into the fuel pumping business may be hesitant because of concerns about the safety of fuel stations. This article discusses some of the measures that pump station contractors implement in order to forestall any avoidable safety risks at pump stations. Use this information to seek for further clarification about the specific measures that your preferred pipeline contractor will take in order to prevent safety risks from occurring.

Soil Tests

Pump station contractors usually conduct extensive soil tests in order to understand the soil conditions at the site where fuel storage tanks will be installed. Such tests help the contractor to select the right base onto which to place the storage tank so that it will not shift or settle once it is filled with fuel. Appropriate backfill material is also selected in order to ensure that the ground will remain stable for the entire service life of that pump station. In this way, the underground fuel storage tanks at your station will be protected against any safety hazards that can arise from unstable ground conditions, such as a tank exploding due to compression by the soil around it.

Adequate Spill Drains

Fuel may be delivered to your pump station using delivery trucks or by pipelines. Some fuel may spill as those delivery trucks are offloading their cargo into the underground storage tanks. Such spilled fuel may seep into the backfill material around your storage tanks in case special measures aren't taken to prevent that from happening. Such spilled fuel can present a fire hazard because it can spontaneously ignite in hot weather. Pump station contractors can prevent such a mishap from happening by installing effective drainage measures so that any spills can be captured for safe disposal. This prevents fuel from accumulating within the vicinity of the underground storage tanks.

Vapour Vents

Fuel vapour can also accumulate to dangerous levels around the pump station if adequate vents aren't installed to channel those fumes safely into the atmosphere. Contractors usually make sure that they put in place vents so that any fuel fumes formed as fuel is dispensed or offloaded escape into the atmosphere so that the air around the pump station is free from those highly flammable fumes.

As you can see, no effort is spared in ensuring that pump stations are safeguarded against any foreseeable safety hazards. You should therefore rest assured that everything will be done by a pump station contractor to protect you from any liability that can arise due to inadequate attention to pump safety. Talk to the contractor for more information in case you still have concerns about the project.