Considerations When Choosing Torsion Springs for Your Roller Doors

2 December 2016
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The continuous up and down movement of your roller doors usually exposes the moving parts to wear and tear. For this reason, you may find it necessary to replace the torsion springs of your roller door with time. Choosing replacement torsion springs can be challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. It is important that you choose the correct replacement springs to ensure that you don't jeopardise the operation of your roller door. These 3 tricks will help you get the best replacement springs for your roller door.

Look at the Size of the Torsion Springs

When choosing replacement torsion springs for your roller door, you must make sure they are the perfect size. Choosing the wrong size can be dangerous. For instance, if you choose small springs, they will fail to support the weight of your roller door, which will pose serious safety risks. Therefore, find the correct measurements of the springs. This should include the length, the types of ends, the size of the spring wires, the diameter and the wind. In some cases, the model number of your garage door can help you find the correct type of replacement springs.

If only one of the torsion springs is broken and you can't get the correct dimensions, it may not be a good idea to use the measurements of the other functioning spring. This is because some roller doors come with springs that have different dimensions, which means you can easily end up with the wrong size torsion springs if you use the dimensions of the unbroken torsion spring.

Consider the Design of the Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are designed differently depending on the type of roller door. Usually, there are left-hand and right-hand torsion springs. You must know which one to buy. If you use the wrong torsion springs, your roller door may have issues opening or closing perfectly. To find out the direction of the torsion springs, examine the direction of the coils. If they rise to the right, you have to choose right-hand torsion springs.

Know the Number of Torsion Springs You Have to Replace

Torsion springs usually perform as a pair. So, should you replace both or only the damaged springs? Replacing both springs is usually recommended even when only one of the springs is faulty. This is because the springs have the same performance life and if one breaks, there are high chances of the other breaking soon. Besides, replacing both maximises the efficiency of your roller door.