Tips for Finding a Reputable Local Plumber

1 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Plumbing emergencies are a huge inconvenience when they occur; leaving homeowners without heating or hot water until the problem is solved. Without a local plumber to contact, these problems can go on for an extended period of time, prolonging the difficulties. To avoid a prolonged disruption to your heating or hot water service, it is prudent to find a reputable local plumber before you encounter a problem. By already knowing the contact details for a reputable local plumber it is possible to contact the person you need directly, without having to frantically search around for an emergency plumber. These two simple tips can help you find a reputable plumber in your area:

Ask around:

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find independent options on service providers, so your first port of call for finding a reputable, reliable, local plumber should be asking friends and family for any recommendations. By asking people you trust for their opinions about plumbers they have previously used, you are likely to receive honest, non-biased reviews and recommendations. 

Social Media:

Social media can work for you if you have recently moved into an area and don't yet know any local people, but still want to find the details of a reputable local plumber. On Twitter it is possible to enter search terms, such as 'local plumber Brisbane', which will generate results based on previous tweets of other Twitter users. Twitter is also a great place to ask for advice by using hashtags. The use of hashtags makes it possible to attract attention to your question and receive answers from people in your area. An example of this would be tweeting 'Help! Looking for a #local #Brisbane #plumber', or alternatively, searching the hashtags relevant to your query. 

Facebook groups can also provide an insight into the area, and people are often very willing to offer advice to those asking for help. Use the search box at the top of Facebook to search groups for the town where you live, ask to join these groups, and then — once accepted — ask your question. People are often very honest with their opinions in these circumstances, and you will probably receive advice from numerous people, enabling you to conduct your own research and ultimately choose the recommendation of a local plumber most suited to your needs. 

Google can be great to help in finding local businesses, but by using independent recommendations — either through your friends or via social media — it is possible to find non-biased reviews for local plumbers, which can lead you to the best service. It is well worth doing your research prior to a plumbing emergency, as having the contact details of a reputable local plumber is an easy and hassle free way to ensure that, should the worst happen, you are always prepared with the relevant contact details to hand.