Essential Applications of Stainless Steel Tubes for Domestic and Industry Use

1 December 2016
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Stainless steel tubes are widely used in many industries and homes. They are manufactured with chromium and steel, which make them practically rust proof. However, they can get stained if exposed to some specific conditions or chemicals. Stainless steel tubes are pipe-like hollow tubes that can be used to transfer any sort of liquid material from one place to another. They are known for their rust resistance, customizable shapes and sterile qualities. Stainless steel tubes are available in several types, sizes and shapes such as U-bend tubes, heat-resistant tubes, ferritic, duplex stainless steel tubes, high-pressure tubes and heat exchanger tubes. Here are some essential applications of stainless steel tubes for domestic and industry use.


There are several types of plumbing pipes and tubes, but the most efficient are made of stainless steel. They are more corrosion resistant when compared to other plumbing tubes because they have a closely bonded oxide coating that prevent any form corrosion. If you want to change or repair your old plumbing, you should probably replace them with stainless steel tubes and pipes. They are durable, can withstand any temperature, cold or hot, and they won't leak any harmful chemicals into your water supply. Most industries such as the civil water transportation industry use stainless steel tubes to keep water clean for their use.

Factory use

Stainless steel tubes are useful in the oil and gas, medical, automobile and construction industries. They are used in carrying liquid waste materials to removal units such as breweries and foundries. They can also be used to transport water, oil and gas from one place to another. Due to their high resistant variables, industrial gas lines are made with stainless steel tubing to prevent gas leaks and corrosion. Construction companies use them to provide structural support in buildings. Even automobile manufacturers use them to provide structural support for their vehicles and other spare parts such as fuel and heat pumps and lines so that they can resist the harsh elements.

Home Appliances

Domestic households are filled with a variety of stainless steel tubes because they are used for manufacturing home appliances including microwave, refrigerator and air conditioners. Stainless steel tubing exceeds other materials when it comes to value, weight and malleability. When exposed to extreme temperature, long soaking, and acidic substances, it can get destroyed. The appliances are made from high-grade stainless steel and electro-polished to give hygienic qualities and a dazzling finish.