Timber Decking: A Couple of Types You Could Consider

30 November 2016
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If you are contemplating the installation of a deck on your property, you will find that one of the most popular materials used is timber. However, a misconception some people have is that the construction of a deck simply entails telling the contractors you want it made out of wood. The reality is you have an assortment of types of timber products to choose from to ensure that you are able to find something that will appeal to you aesthetically while being financially feasible too. Below is a couple of types of timber decking products that you could consider.

Pressure treated timber decking

If you are looking for an economical option when installing timber decking, pressure treated timber would be an ideal choice. This type of timber is characterised by having a ubiquitous greenish tint to it. It is readily available due to hoe affordable it is to manufacture.

It should be noted that pressure treated timber decking will require routine care and maintenance if you would like to have it a prolonged lifespan. This is because it has the propensity to warp and crack if it is constantly exposed to the elements. Therefore, you would have to take extra measures to protect the timber from moisture.

Hardwood timber decking

If you are more of a purist and would like natural wood timber decking, hardwood timber would be more suitable for your needs. The two of the most popular species used to construct timber decking is cedar and redwood. This is because they are characterised by having a rich colour that makes your decking highly attractive. Moreover, cedar and redwood have high levels of tannins and natural oils. These compounds help the wood naturally resist an array of problems such as pest infestations as well as decay.

It should be noted though that the quality of your hardwood would depend on the amount of heartwood it comprises. Heartwood refers to the timber that is found closest to the core of the tree and is highly resistant to decay. If your hardwood is made up more of sapwood, which is timber located closest to the bar, then the decking would require constant maintenance to protect it from moisture damage and decay.

Lastly, if you would like to maintain the appearance of your hardwood timber decking, then you should have your deck stained every other year. It would be ideal to do this after you have power washed the decking to ensure that all the grime and debris has been eliminated.