Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Hot Water Heater

30 November 2016
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When it's time to replace your hot water heater, or when you're having a new home built and need to choose the type of heater you want installed, you may assume that a standard electric tank heater is your only option. However, you can choose many other types of heaters and different features for a heater that can make it a better option for your home and family. Note a few important factors to consider and some features you might want to have for a water heater in your home.

1. Gas versus electric

Electric hot water heaters are often the easiest to install, as you need to just set them up in their appropriate spot, connect them to the plumbing, and plug them in. However, you also need to ensure that your home has the right wiring for a larger unit, as it may require more amps and volts than what is currently supported by the wires in your home. Electricity is also often more expensive than gas, but note that a gas hot water heater needs a flue or other type of vent cut into the wall.

2. Solar and tankless

If you want to choose something very eco-friendly, you can have solar panels that attach to the hot water heater alone. This will cut down on the electricity you use from your city. You'll need a place to put the panels outside; however, they are relatively small and may even sit in the grass.

A tankless heater is also good; this heats water on-demand, as the water runs over heated coils, rather than heating a full tank of water throughout the day. Usually a tankless heater will need an installer familiar with how they are connected to your home's water supply, so keep that added expense in mind.

3. Smart hot water heater

You might consider investing in a smart hot water heater or one that connects to your phone or tablet and allows you to control it remotely. This can mean turning it off or lowering the temperature when you're away from home, so you're not wasting electricity or gas. A solar hot water heater might also have a smart feature that tells you when the solar batteries are low and the unit is switching to electricity from the city so you can adjust the tank's temperature or your own water usage as necessary. This gives you full control over the cost of having a hot water heater in your home.

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