4 Tips For Your First Time Using a Concrete Grinder

30 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are in the process of carrying out renovations around your home that involve polishing concrete surfaces, a handheld grinding machine is just what you need. A grinding machine will allow you to smooth out rough concrete to create a polished look. The tool can be used on concrete patios, countertops, driveways, and flooring. Below are some top tips that will help you if you are using a grinder for the very first time.

Make sure you are familiar with the equipment

Different types and brands of concrete grinder have the controls in different places and specific features which are individual to each machine. Before plugging the grinder into the power supply, you should locate the power switch so you can turn the grinder on and off when you need to. You should also check if the grinder is designed for wet or dry concrete. If you use a grinder on the wrong type of concrete, you could damage the equipment and ruin the concrete surface.

Adjust the wheel settings

Grinding equipment will typically have two wheel configurations. The first setting is the operational setting, which is the position the wheel needs to be in to grind concrete. The second setting is the non-operational setting. The non-operational setting changes the position of the wheel, so it is not damaged when the equipment is being stored or transported. If you are unsure how to check or change this setting, you should consult the owners manual.

Release pressure from the grinding disc

Before you switch on the grinder, it is important that you release any pressure which has built up on the abrasive disc while the equipment has been out of use. To do this, press down on the button which engages and disengages the disc. Doing so will release any pressure, allowing the disc to reach an optimal speed during operation.

Grind using a sweeping side to side motion

Once you are happy that the equipment is ready to go, you can begin to grind the concrete. You should sweep the grinder from one side of the concrete surface to the other. Maintaining a steady speed and pressure during each sweep is important. Failure to do so could result in an uneven finish. You should avoid using a circular motion as this will cause swirl marks on the concrete surface.

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