4 Benefits that Come with Installing Seamless Gutters

30 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

In the past, gutters were sectional. The pieces were connected along the length of a roof to form one whole, with a sealant used at each connection point. However, seamless gutters are now becoming far more popular. A spool of aluminium will be used to create one long seamless gutter that runs along the whole edge of your house; there will still need to be connection points around corners, but that's all.

Seamless aluminium gutters are more expensive than sectional gutters, but they come with a compelling list of advantages that make them more than worth the money. Here are just four reasons why seamless gutters are the way to go.

1. All the Benefits of Aluminium

Seamless gutters are almost always made of aluminium, and that's a benefit in and of itself. Aluminium has been the preferred material for gutters for years now, mostly because it won't rust and is extremely light, especially compared to steel and copper. Aluminium will last for years into the future without showing signs of wear.  

2. Reduced Maintenance

The problem with sectional gutters is that the connection points make it easy for debris to collect. The join is never completely smooth; one small imperfection can catch a leaf, which catches a twig, and so on. The build-up can turn into a wet, heavy mess very quickly, which will place additional strain on the side of your house and necessitate an unpleasant clean-up job. However, seamless gutters are far less vulnerable to clogging.

3. Professional Installation

The fact that seamless gutters need to be professionally installed might seem like a drawback; after all, professional installation by a company like ACT Gutter Service will cost money. However, you at least know that the team fitting your gutters will know exactly what they're doing. Remember, any mistakes could create significant problems and necessitate a complete replacement just a few months down the line. Making seamless gutters to measure requires skill, and you want to know the people fitting them are skilled as well.

4. Superior Appearance

The long, unbroken design that comes with seamless gutters is obviously great for practical purposes, but it also looks better than a sectional gutter. Without noticeable joins every foot or so, your gutters will have a pleasingly uniform appearance. Additionally, aluminium can be painted to match the outside colour of your house or create a unique visual statement, and no oddly-shaded sealant will be present to mar your chosen design.