What You May Need In a Home Water Filtration System

29 November 2016
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Not all water filtration systems for the home are alike; many are meant to filter out just certain impurities so that your home's water is cleaner and tastes better. Some also add a softening agent that reduces the chemicals that leave hard water stains in the shower and which dry your skin and hair. If you're ready to shop for a home water filtration system, note a few of your choices so you know which type of filter is best for your home and even your landscaping and lawn.

1. When the water smells bad

If your home's water simply has a bad smell, it may be picking up traces of sulphur from the water treatment plant in your city; many plants use a process of hydrogen sulphide, which can leave behind a foul odour in the water. A sulphur filter will remove this element and the residual odour along with it.

2. When there are rusty stains

Rusty stains are a bit different than hard water stains; most hard water stains are yellowish or white in colour and may leave a dry, flaky residue. Rusty stains are reddish in colour and may flake off more readily than hard water stains. Having an iron filter installed in your home can remove the metal element in your water that is rusting and causing these stains.

3. When there is a chlorinated taste and smell and a brown lawn

You typically know what chlorine smells and tastes like from being around a pool; your own home water can have this same taste and odour, as chlorine is often used by city treatment plants to clean the water delivered to homes. This chlorine not only smells bad and tastes bad, but it can also dry up your lawn and landscaping because it's so harsh. If you notice your lawn seems brown and withered even when you water it regularly, you may need a chlorine filter for your entire home to ensure you're using filtered water for your lawn and not just from the taps and showerheads.

4. When there is hazy water

If your home's water looks hazy and dull, this often means that you simply need a strong filter for the entire home that will remove a number of contaminants, including bacteria, iron, chlorine, and even some dirt that often makes its way into well water. You may want to get hazy water tested to note if there is one contaminant that is more present than others, but typically a strong filter meant for all sediment in water is going to be needed when water is discoloured rather than clear.

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