Tips To Help Fix A Dip In Your Asphalt Driveway With Hot Tar

29 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you only have a small depression in your asphalt driveway or the dip has grown larger in scale, you will want to address the problem quickly. Though you will most likely require a specialist to repair a significant asphalt depression, you can help treat it with a handy remedy. Creating a hot tar substance and applying it to the dip will help revive the asphalt surface. If you are unable to find tar at your local hardware store, you can purchase an asphalt patch, which can be shaped to the exact dimensions of your dip.   

How The Dip Formed In Your Asphalt Driveway

If your driveway is in continual use, this can often be the reason behind an asphalt dip. When the asphalt comes under heavy pressure, water exposure or movement, it can cause depressions in the surface. Unfortunately, dips can often become inevitable, particularly if your driveway is in heavy use. However, here are some simple tips on restoring the asphalt with the use of tar. Note:  An asphalt dip will often have an underlying cause, as mentioned above. Your driveway may need to be assessed by a professional. 

How To Use Hot Tar To Your Advantage

Creating a hot tar substance can work for both asphalt dips and cracks. The benefit of using tar is that it is fairly cost efficient. To use this method, you will need to buy a few sacks of gravel from your local hardware store. Along with this, you will need to buy blocks of tar; the blocks are crucial. It is important that you break up the blocks into small pieces. You will need to heat up the tar in a large fryer until the pieces melt.

Important note: Make sure you wear safety glasses and gloves. This is because the melted tar can burn your skin.

After you have the hot tar, you will need to pour it into your asphalt dip/crack with a small metal bucket. Use the gravel to help form the foundation if needed.  Once the tar has become solid, it will retain its durability and help prevent further dips. Coal tar itself does not break down as easily as asphalt. This is because the compounds in the tar are much more stable and have a greater level resistance.  If you find that the dip in your asphalt returns, it is crucial that you call in a professional to assess the structure of your driveway. Good luck.