How Security Doors Can Thwart Intruders

29 November 2016
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Are you wondering if your security door will be able to resist the attempts of burglars to access your home? Read on and discover some of the features that you should confirm that your security door has if it is to withstand any break-in attempt.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

Many homes have windows that are located close to the entry door. An intruder can break such windows so that he or she can push his or her hand inside to open the door. Your security door should have a double cylinder deadbolt lock in order to thwart such a burglary attempt. Such a lock will require the use of a key before it can be opened from inside or outside. In this way, the burglar will be unable to succeed after breaking a window in order to access the door lock.

Beveled Casings

Some burglars may also try to get into your home by using a crowbar or a hammer to force the deadbolt to open while you are away or sleeping. Make sure that you buy a security door whose deadbolts have a beveled casing. Such deadbolts will be able to withstand the force exerted on them by any heavy object, such as a crowbar.

Hardened Steel Chips

It is also common for burglars to try to drill through a lock in order to force an entry door to open. Some manufacturers of security doors add hardened steel chips in the metal used to make deadbolt locks. An intruder can't easily drill through such locks. You will therefore be safer if your security door has hardened steel chips in its deadbolts.

Solid Core Panels

Ordinary doors can easily be damaged by using a cutting tool, such as a handsaw, to create an opening through their panels. This is because those doors are usually hollow. Security doors can thwart such an attempt because they usually have a solid core made from hardwood or metal. Such a door is harder to cut because its material is dense.

As you can see, security doors are designed in order to make them resistant to the common methods that intruders may use to gain access into people's homes. However, different security door manufacturers emphasise different safety features as they make security doors. You should therefore do your research so that you identify that security door whose security features will address your needs. You can also seek for guidance from a security door expert about what else you can do, such as installing a door chain, to limit the chance of a burglary in your home.